Breaking News in upcoming discussion & debate

27th September Gotenborg Book Festival, Sweden

30th September Topping & Co, Bath

2nd October London School of Economics

8th October Wimbledon Literature Festival

11th November Stratford Literary Festival

19th November Prospect Bookclub

22nd November. Turin University. In conversation with the editors of La Stampa and La Repubblica.

29th November. Toronto, Canadian Federation of Journalists. In conversation with Irene Gentle, editor , Toronto Star

2 December, 4pm Yale University World Fellows Program

3 December Carnegie Council. Breakfast Public Affairs Briefing

3 December CUNY, New York. In conversation with Margaret Sullivan. 4pm

4 December, Reuters. In conversation wuth Stephen J Adler and Harold Evanbs. 6pm.

6 December, National Press Club, Washington DC. In conversation with Marty Baron, editor in chief, Washington Post. 12 pm